Eating my way to a healthy weight


I can’t even believe I am going to say what I’m going to say 

imagine eating pepperoni and actually losing fat?!! 

Well pepperoni is now my preferred snack along with some cheese of course lol oh and a bag of Herrs Pork Rinds…yea I haven’t had those in ages! Now I have a bag every so often. Every so often meaning in the last 7 days that I have strictly been following a new program that a co worker introduced me to. 

When Mr T as I will call him told me he eats pizza pastas heavy whipping cream instead of half and half in his coffee or coconut oil instead oh and he also eats donuts! I couldn’t believe that he was eating everything that we have all been told not to eat since we can all remember 

Now I wake up with a cup of coffee and 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil or some heavy whipping cream the more fat the better 🙂 

So I did this program for exactly one week and my results were not only that I came off the plateau I had been on for weeks, but I actually LOST 10lbs! Yea and 10lbs is 10lbs no matter what! 

Im starting my second week today and I feel so much more energized I feel less bloated less full in the tummy area. Oh and you know how we don’t sometimes feel the hunger signs? Well I never did I would just eat and eat but I noticed right away while on this program I actually can sense when I am hungry! 

Im still new to the program don’t have all the ins and outs of it but I will , and then I will be able to help you too achieve and finally keep off those unwanted pounds! 

Only by followng it will you be able to get to that goal weight and stay there, it’s not hard may take some adjusting to eating ice cream pizza white rice and donuts, but you’ll get the hang of it I’m sure 🙂  

Those of you that know me may be wondering about my juicing and no I have not stopped but I did make adjustments to the recipes as you will see if you follow me on IG or my FB page “Juicing with Adita” I still make my green juice as a nutrient filled drink but I may just now have one per day or less 


Stay with me on this peeps it gets even better, imagine not having to kill yourself at the gym anymore and still get the results as if you had? Well that’s another change I made, my routine now consists of the HIIT method High Intensity Interval Training…YEA IT WORKS IN JUST 30 mins 3 days a week following the program that is and incorporating some weight training too, plus just brisk walking if you want to include more workout days.

So wondering what this “program” is?? 

Please note I am in NO way endorsing or promoting the program for any monetary gains I am just letting you know what is working for me right now and giving me the results I want to see 

With that being said 


Google it, download it, try it, and see what happens in a weeks time 

I chose to do less fat and protein days as my personal choice 


as with all weight loss programs please be sure your Dr has cleared you for this program 

Any questions for me please feel free to follow my IG account under itsmeaditap or Like my page on FB Juicing with Adita
Let’s all eat ourselves to a healthier weight!

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