worries, decisions and new beginnings

I haven’t been active here since November 2013

that’s when my world turned upside down…but in a good way I must say 🙂

my mom of 83 yrs  of age moved in with us a week before Thanksgiving

being that she no longer could fare for herself  and had fallen a few times living alone

I had to do what I felt was best for us all.

So now i am a caregiver to my mom as well as a mother to my kids and a FT employee

She moved into our very, very small apartment

it didn’t take long to figure out we needed a much bigger place to accommodate her

and yet another family member

my husband and I reconciled after almost 7 yrs of separation!

I rarely get personal on here but this is all leading to a good place

See i had to sell almost all of my equipment in order to make this change of living arrangements possible

So i did and i had decided to just give up my business all together

BUT as much as i deny that i will not shoot again i MISS it terribly!!

I miss my clients I miss my models I miss my team!

So although it may take a long time before i recoup all my equipment again

I am announcing here and now that I WILL be shooting again!

I do have one camera body left my 1Ds MKII but no lenses so i will rent just like i did in the beginning 🙂

And to kick-start this all I will have an Audrey Hepburn inspired shoot in the next month!

So please look forward to this and more it may take a little while to get busy again but like they say

“Good things come to those who work hard and keep their dreams alive” oh wait i think i may have changed that saying just a wee bit lol

I wanna thank my clients who have been asking me to come back and shoot them and or their families this was a very big deciding factor in my choice to return!




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2 thoughts on “worries, decisions and new beginnings

  1. Ada, Adita, who I consider one of my “besties”, even though we just co-workers I love the crap out of you. You are an amazing woman, such a great mom, hard worker (yes, I see it though others may not, lol). You did what you had to do. Know it is hard, but sometimes we have to do all we can for others to make us feel fulfilled. You know what I mean. Glad you have mommy, she will adjust. Truthfully, glad you reconciled with hubby. I like him ALOT!!!! Yea, our “hubbies” have their faults, but deep down the love is there. So enjoyed our afternoon out with you, him and Moe. Finally got to meet Mr. Moe, awsum. Know you so proud of that young man and you should be. So appreciate you guys going out of your way to pick me up. As far as your photography goes, you have such talent! One day, might take a little time, you will make it, I just know it!!!! So looking forward to this “Hepburn” shoot, you such a teaser! lol Well, gf gotta go, but my final words to you, tonight, on my 59th birthday (ugh) is so glad to have you in my life and as a friend. Always here for you, as you are for me…..love ya Ada…………<3

    • Damn Barbara!!
      When I stop crying I will message you
      I so appreciate you as well I wish I knew you years ago imagine the fun and trouble we would have caused?! Lol
      Love ya lady!!

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