Victoria Lingerie and Bikini Model

Victoria was in the studio a few weeks ago for her head shots then she came back to shoot the genre she would like to model in… bikini and lingerie.

Needless to say she has been casted in 3 modeling gigs already!

And how can she not have been?…just look at this amazing girls physique!

No nip or tucking in these images!

just pure perfection!

Victoria_Bikini- Victoria_Bikini-0114-2 Victoria_Bikini-0119-2 Victoria_Bikini-0121-2 Victoria_Bikini-0125-2 Victoria_Bikini-0135-2 Victoria_Bikini-0148-2 Victoria_Bikini-0157-2 Victoria_Bikini-0197-2 Victoria_Bikini-0198-2 Victoria_Bikini-0227-2 Victoria_Bikini-0240-2 Victoria_Bikini-0258-2 Victoria_Bikini-0264-2 Victoria_Bikini-0269-2


Hair and Make up by Alyssa of ARS Make up Artistry

2 thoughts on “Victoria Lingerie and Bikini Model

  1. Hi Adita. These are great images. She’s has a wonderful figure. I’m totally jealous. I love the lighting you used, and you got her to move really well. Great stuff here! Kudos!

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