Sweet baby girl & Jerseylicious?

Today was an awesome day at  the studio!

I have 2 clients to tell you about

 Little Rileigh Ann was here for her baby plan’s 6 month session and oh my what a ham!!

She literally made my job super easy and we were done in about an hour!

I thought she would have a problem seeing me since I haven’t seen her since she was a newborn , and to my surprise she took to me like we were family!

She laughed and smiled the entire time!

A very happy baby!

Now look at this doll!


Now my second client is a little bit more mature than baby Rileigh and very handsome!

His name is Mike and he came in to start his modeling career with some awesome head shots!

Referred to me by none other than the Jersey it Girl, Julie, Mike is kind of famous already if you ask me 🙂

See he has this cousin of his named Corey and Corey has this amazingly beautiful fiancée named Tracy and Corey & Tracy are stars of the hit reality show Jerseylicious! 

I was so happy that Mike loved my work with Julie that he chose me to do his head shots as well!

Thank you MIKE!!

ok, ok ladies I wont make you wait anymore here he is straight from my little studio space in Manahawkin NJ!


leave comments below

and have a pleasant evening!

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