Natalie in Hoboken, NJ

I found an awesome space in Hoboken, NJ at Urban Consign & Design dedicated to the consignment and selling of Hi End modern furniture

If any photographer is interested in renting this space as well call Paul at 201-921-6800 tell him I sent you!

Now here are Natalie’s favorites from this shoot

I may blog my faves as well

thanks for stopping by!

Natalie_D-0155WEB Natalie_D-0162WEB Natalie_D-0146WEB Natalie_D-0123WEB Natalie_D-0136WEB Natalie_D-0118WEB Natalie_D-0117WEB Natalie_D-0036WEB Natalie_D-0045-2WEB Natalie_D-0064-2WEB Natalie_D-0065-2WEB Natalie_D-0097WEB Natalie_D-0098WEB Natalie_D-0102WEB Natalie_D-0035-2WEB

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