Gratitude in the Midst

I would post a really long story of my ordeal during Hurricane Sandy, the emotional/nervous wreak I became…BUT after walking around my neighborhood just now, this very moment I can only be Grateful that me and my family are not going through what these people are enduring…and there is much worse throughout the Tri State area I know this…therefore my Gratitude for our lives having returned to the normalcy that I remember post Sandy is… IMMENSE!


This first image was our home a few yrs back within walking distance from where I am now

          This is the home right next door to that one Grandma Marge’s house we would swim in her pool the summer we lived there…Now its a whole different story

Below a FEMA worker making a house call


The slideshow that follows is all within a few minutes of walking around my neighborhood…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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