NYC Bound & a Party!!!

I am sooo very excited!!!

First I am going to NYC next month for a workshop at Adorama, in which I haven’t been to one in a while!
This alone excites me 🙂

Secondly the fact that it is a business and marketing workshop with the amazing photographer couple Zach & Jody Gray this will make for an AWESOME experience!!!

This husband and wife team impress me so much, are amazing wedding photographers, I love their spirit, their energy,their business ethics!
And I hope to bring out of this workshop a brand new way of practicing my business and marketing skills.

So that’s the buzz and excitement for the next few weeks till the day!

In other news, my birthday month is coming up Novemeber is the month!!
I celebrate all month it just excites me every year knowing that I gained a little more wisdom 🙂 throughout the year what else can one ask for…really?

And this year unlike most I am celebrating with a PARTY!!
Didn’t do it at 40 or 45 and not waiting till 50…take a guess which number it is and ill send you a $10 *Spirits Liquors gift card and no it’s not on my FB profile Lol

Celebrating in North Bergen, New Jersey at HAVANA DULCE!! Amazing disco and freestyle music provided by my High School buds Angel and Ricky who have been DJ’ing since then and are still doing it to his day! I haven’t seen them, in person anyway since probably the mid 90’s during my last few yrs living in Hudson County. It will be amazing to see these guys!!

So a pretty busy November if you ask me and a few sessions in between with a pretty cool lady that I photographed last year coming back for her second yes second round of a Boudie-Licious Holiday session!

Also a beautiful curvy gal will be gracing my port in November, woohoo for Curvylicious divas!!

Plus an amazing artist and now vocalist Samantha McLaughlin will also be having her glamour/fashion themed session…this one is gonna knock your socks off…that’s all I’m saying!

Well I don’t think I have blogged personnally in quite some time and it was a woozie! Lots of beautiful women an amazing workshop and my birthday party!

It’s the bestest month of the year!!

*Must be 21 or over to receive gift card*


10 thoughts on “NYC Bound & a Party!!!

    • Thank you so much Cassandra…

      and I will announce a winner by this Friday 🙂

      And everyone keep posting your guesses but please only guess once to allow others fair play 🙂

      Thank you!

  1. shoot, you dont look a day over 30, but i will guess 46. sounds like a fun and busy month of november for you! looking forward to samantha’s session, have fun in NY. when is your birthday? wish i had your enthusiasm……have a blast at your disco party, wish i could be there.

  2. Happy early birthday, my love! I’m a November baby as well! I’m going to go with 47!

    I hope you have an amazing time at the workshop!!! Inspiration is key in creative lifestyles! I love you and miss you horribly!

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