Photographers, take a bite out of this sweet deal!


The owner of the site  Jim Cook followed me on twitter a few days ago and I decided to see what he was all about.
I am glad I did!

His site is by far the easiest in which to create beautiful personalized apps for your clients.

I began the 3 day trial and it took me literally 5 mins to load my already web sized images, no need to be re sizing in PS or LR 🙂

The images loaded beautifully I added my logo and there is even a link you can add to your twitter, an email share link and your phone# as well and I created my first app!

After my full trial I immediately signed up, I created and sent a few apps out to some recent clients that same night and they absolutely LOVED them!!

Now here comes a great offer from Jim
for a LIMITED time if you use the code ADITA you get $30 off the yearly fee AND 2 extra months added to your account!

Sound too good to be true right?
Well go find out for yourselves you have nothing to lose with the 3 day full trial!

So why not try it today and start the fun and see what your clients reaction will be!
I am totally addicted now, I actually just made one before this post and its been already sent to client!

I already have a photog friend who signed using my code and I just asked him how he was liking it and he had this to say
“I love it! I’ve already made 3 apps, I love that you can have multiple profiles because I have two photography branches and is also Android compatible!”

So there you go real testimony from me and a friend who may be chiming in on the comment thread 🙂

If anyone signs up remember code ADITA to save cash and get 2 months free and leave feedback too!

check out my sample app open on your iphone, ipad, ipod or android of the beautiful  aspiring model Brittney

Thanks Jim for following me on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Photographers, take a bite out of this sweet deal!

  1. I was one of the original beta users and love the fact that I can check statistics on each client app to see who is using it. It is basically google analytics feedback built into my personal photography referral engine!

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