Mrs. J in Boudoir

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing  yet another long time “FB Fan” I think she has been on my page for about a year or so now LOl

And finally she took the plunge! Took part in the Studio Opening Special and we had a blast!

I thank you for allowing me to capture that plunge!

The lovely Mrs. J!


Mrs. J’s Laughter was totally contagious!

We both laughed laud and hard!!

Maybe the Mimosas that filled these glasses had a little to do with it LOL

Mrs. J…you are gorgeous and you totally rocked your session!!

Hair & Make up by the talented Liz Martin

I worked with Liz on my first ever Boudoir session back in 2010 I don’t call upon her as much due to the fact that she is in Delaware.

She came all the way out here on this morning to basically “save the day” as my original make up girl had fallen ill.

I cannot thank you enough Liz!





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