Face book….

May not be for me anymore.

After being flagged once again for posting what I believe wholeheartedly is an art form, I have decided to stay away from the social network site, for a while at least.

Aside from that fact I have been growing kinda bored with the network itself, the changes it has incurred recently with having to pay to be seen is I believe so not fair to small businesses as mine. See as of lately when I post on my page only a very small percentage of my 740 “Likers”
will see that post thus is very discouraging for my business.

As I sit here writing this I go back and forth in my mind as to get off the site entirely or temporarily,one thing is for sure since being flagged today it may be as long as a week to get back on.

I know my email subs and followers here are reading this and I hope that you will continue to support me and my art as found through my still photography.

It is an overwhelmingly amazing feeling to create a beautiful image of a woman who didn’t see herself as beautiful and then after seeing the true beauty projected through my lens, they can once again BELIEVE in the magic that was there their entire life!

This is my passion this is what I live and breath everyday!

I thank you all for your continued support in the name of ART, Beauty and Wonder!

Please comment below if you so wish to

7 thoughts on “Face book….

  1. wow, that stinks. what photo did they flag you on? Your photos are great and beautiful. I normally get them showing up on my FB page. That last session, she looked so beautiful. Is that the one they flagged? They want you to pay? Do the give you an explanation? Whatever, my friend, you bring out the beauty in everyone and everything that you shoot. Be proud of your talent, you will one day go far!

  2. Sorry you were flagged Adita! I have thought about getting off facebook(as you know) but I always come back to it. Maybe you could find another site that is more accepting of boudior photography. I agree your photography is beautiful!! I would hate to see you go even though I am not on fb that much anymore either I do enjoy seeing your work 😉 I agree having to pay for more to see is STUPID of facebook and I feel they will be losing a lot of people because of it……….

    • Thanks Cherie, always a huge supporter and a great ear when I need one 🙂 Thanks and yea we should find something else, and yes many will be leaving FB eventually

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