Nude in the Pool

Well, now a days we would call it implied nudes, but never the less she showcased her beauty while slipping on her robe or towel drying her silky skin. A glimpse of sensuality did peak through her folded arms against her breasts…ahhhh this 23 year old was in awe of his subject in front of his lens. From 1960-1962 she was his muse, his dream of a perfect photographic subject.

In his own words which brought me a slight tear in my eyes:

“Marilyn Monroe, came into my life in 1960, and she is still a living , breathing, extraordinary presence for me fifty-two years later. I think of her often.”  Lawrence Schiller

Below are  some never before published images of Larry’s last shoot with Marilyn, the infamous pool shoot The Lost Nudes

To those who admire the life and death of Marilyn I dedicate this post to, as I have been intrigued with her life and loss of from a tender age, I wasn’t even born till two years after her death, it takes a special person to have an impact this strong on someone who never even knew of her during her life.

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe

As I am still reading the newly released Marilyn & Me A photographers memories I did come across the fact that Larry lost the sight in his left eye at age 7 and Marilyn was the only person that ever noticed that he did not close his left eye when shooting his subject…go figure.

The Lost Nudes

Steven Kasher Gallery NYC

Negative contact sheet Marilyn would look very diligently with a magnifying glass choosing her favorites, at times she could not make out the image as they were so small and would just cross a red X over them. As told my Lawrence Schiller

Randy Rich a fellow photographer I met last June in NYC during a workshop met up with me at the exhibit and we had a blast!

Then Randy turned the camera on Larry and I while signing and dedicating his book

Thanks Randy for capturing these memories forever!!

I was so honored to have met Larry an icon in the photo journalistic world a man who had the best of the best in front of his lens!

The story behind this image as written by Larry in his book Marilyn & Me is that upon her death this was the cover image chosen for LIFE Magazine. Larry never expected it would be one of his images until he got the first advance issue. He always thought it would be an image from a better known photographer, but this young photo journalist made the cover of the  August 17, 1962 issue of LIFE.

  • Note reflections from the glass is inevitable this was a very personal project for me and technicalities were not my worries on this day. I hope to remember this day for the rest of my life!
  • I am in great gratitude to the man who drove me to NYC cause otherwise I would not have gone I am a good 2 hours away and I hate to drive long distance.
  • Randy, thank you so much for the laughs!! We have to do it again, but this time you come my way 🙂
  • Christiona Owens my email contact, I was such a pest with so many questions about this event and she so diligently replied so promptly to all my inquiries. thank you very much!

One thought on “Nude in the Pool

  1. Loved reading this post and seeing the gallery shots! I wish I would have been in town to hang out with you and Randy 😉

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