Happy Mother’s Day!

This mother’s day was made extra special by my son Stephen, as he passed a very hard test in US History on WWI with a score of 103.5! Also an 89 average on his Spanish project titled La Familia and as some of you know he made High Honor Roll this semester of his Freshman year of High School. I don’t know where this kid got his smarts from cause it sure was not from me LOL! He says that he just knows what he knows and that’s how he does it, I say it’s you paying attention and that’s how it’s done!

This type of news being text to me during his school day just makes me so emotional, I am an emotional mess when it comes to things like this, events that make me so proud of my kids! Nothing could ruin my day yesterday as it still lingers in my mind the feeling of profoundness and happiness that filled my heart at that moment!! I text the news to his father as well and he was crying and said that “Stephen makes me so proud and he is such a good boy”! Another emotional mess HAHA! Oh well we’re all human!

My wish to all you mothers on this special weekend is to be able to experience a feeling such as this with your children or child, it’s a feeling like no other and that is my hope and wish for all the moms that follow and read my blog! I am in so much gratitude to the Lord and the Universe for having provided me with the abundance of 4 amazing children in my life!!

I LOVE YOU ALL TO DEATH!! Each one of you have something that make me so proud as a mother to call you MINE!

Here’s a candid shot of him during his Grandmother’s birthday this past April! Mom looks good for 82 right?? Love her!!

Thanks to all for stopping my 🙂

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