Ms. Terri

I met Terri while leaving a store recently in town, her purple highlighted hair instantly drew me in, I stopped her and offered her my card. To my surprise she messaged me the very next day! The rest is history, we got along great, her mom accompanied her to the session, which was in my studio setting and after some nervous tension we got Terri relaxed with some Pinot Grigio yup a few glasses and she was all fun and laughter the rest of the session! For some reason she finds it hysterical when I say “more fan” to my assistant, hysterical I say and i don’t know why maybe I have a funny way of saying it LOL  al and all I loved her laugh!

Krista did her magic again with hair and make up and Corina, a future teen client, friend of Krista’s came and assisted and also had a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks to both you ladies and also Marie, Terri’s mom who helped hold the reflectors for me as well.

Tech Info Canon 1Ds MKII paired with the 85F1.8 and the 24-70 F2.8 lens 2 reflectors to bounce the natural light being used

and now here is Ms. Terri’s Glamor session trying the gallery showcase please click on a pic to view bigger, then use the arrows, let me know how you all like the gallery!


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14 thoughts on “Ms. Terri

  1. Wow, Adita, once again fantastic shoot. She is a great model. Love her hair and the makeup looks great. She has fantastic skin tone and is stunning. Glad you guys had fun doing this shoot. Can’t say which shot I like most, cause they are all fantastic!

  2. Wow!!! Once again… gorgeous! Ms. Terri, you are stunning! You have that classic beauty, but with the thrown in twists of the ink (If you haven’t seen my shots, I happen to LOVE ink!) and the beautiful violet highlights in the hair. LOVE this shoot!!! Great job everyone! ❤

    • Thank you so much Madame Willow! And i dont want to make you feel sad or anything but your record of views has been broken, yes , by Ms Terri!! You had your title for a whole year! Now there is a new queen to crown LOL Congrats Ms. Terri you have the most views as of now 432 in one day and the night is still young!

  3. Thank you every one for your very kind comments, this was a first for me, and still finding it hard to believe anyone would find me photographable! 🙂 But I must say after the glasses of my friend’s Pinot ,I had fun, and Adita was just wonderful!!!

    • Great shots Terri. You are very photographical….. Loved the added touch of the leather jacket…….you have great hair and your features are lovely. Glad you had fun, yes, Adita brings out the beauty in everyone she shoots……..inside and out……

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