Annie in Boudoir

Annie has been a Facebook fan of my work for almost one year in June and she finally decided to do this session as a surprise for hubby!

Annie has 2 little boys and it was so nice to leave them behind  for just a few hours and come get pampered for a while with no worries.

She never wears red lip tint but today this has changed, she was so in love with how she looked and felt, that red lip tint is now going to be in her bag of make up!

Annie traveled from Bayonne at 6am, yes 6am to Atlantic Highlands on a very foggy morning where we met at The Blue Bay Inn for her session, Krista Fix did a fabulous job on both hair and make up this is Krista’s 3rd time working with me and her work never disappoints, thanks Krista for coming and spending the night to be able to be there and ready to go!

Also need to thank Amanda for assisting during this session and doing a great job as well, without these girls help this would not have been possible!

Below are  just a few of the shots that Annie loved and chose for her album!  My 2 faves? Her laughing out loud, you’ll know which ones, cause these were so spontaneous while I said or did something to make her just burst out and laugh, cause that’s what I do to my ladies and I love the results!

Thank you Annie and remember we’re doing it again next year *wink*

Tech Info Canon 1Ds MKII Canon 24-70 and Canon 85F1.8 for those juicy close-ups

and Styrofoam boards to bounce that natural, foggy, light we had on this morning.

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6 thoughts on “Annie in Boudoir

  1. Absolutely stunning! Love the candids and especially love the up-close one in the black teddy on the bed… beautiful work Adita. Love all your boudoir work!

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