Ms. M in Boudoir

Ms. M what a lovely woman, inside and out! We connected on many levels and I felt like we’ve known each other forever. Maybe due to the hours we spent on the phone a few nights before our session chatting it up about everything and anything!

I found we had so much in common, such as she has 5 kids I have 4 she is going through a divorce and well, I’m in the same boat.

The one thing we did not have in common was our travels, as I have never left Jersey except for 1 week to Fl in 1994 Ms. M has traveled a lot and even invited me to Jamaica one day! I think I will take her up on it too πŸ™‚

Grandmother of 8, and loving her curves, she rocked her session like a pro!

I hope I feel like this at 54!

We celebrated her beauty, her wisdom, her love of life!

Cheers to Celebrating YOU Ms. M!

Make up artistry by Kayti

Canon 1Ds MKII paired with the Canon 50F1.2L & 85F1.8

Natural Light

5 thoughts on “Ms. M in Boudoir

  1. She looks good to be 54!!! My gosh! I want to look like her at that age!!! Lol! I specially loved the ones with the white dress! Nicely done Adita! Great like usual! πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent shoot my friend. Enjoyed all of the pics, especially liked #5, you can just see her sincerity and especially her beauty. Outstanding job! Also a shout out the the make-up and hair artist, she looked absolutely lovely.

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