Mrs. F in Boudoir

Well here are her own words on how this came about 🙂

There is one strong and handsome man in my life that has given me encouragement and strength to overcome many personal struggles including my weight. He has loved me completely and effortlessly for the last four years. I would do anything for him. This session was my way to show my husband that he means the world to me. He has shown me how to love myself for who I am, he makes me feel attractive even in gym sweats. I am happy he has and continues to support me on my commitment to be happy and healthy inside and out. Thank you Adita for capturing these perfect pictures of me for myself, my husband and all the women that struggle to love their bodies:)

See, no words needed from me 🙂

Thank you to the lovely Kayti for the gorgeous make up and hair artistry for Mrs. F.

7 thoughts on “Mrs. F in Boudoir

  1. Such great pictures, she is truly beautiful and has a great smile. You can also tell from the pics she has a great personality. good job….

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