Remember 16?

I sure do!

Wow 16 what a great time in my life, no worries, just fun times all the times.

I remember roller skating, yup skating lol and dancing all the time at every opportunity I could get! In my house just for fun or at my High Schools dances or local clubs.

Love music to this day, I remember hanging out my window with my beat box blasting the best disco hits ever, Donna Summer, The Trammps, Tavares, ABBA, The Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor , Evelyn Champagne King and of course the club hits like Amant (If there’s Love), Dan Hartman (Instant replay) Liquid Gold ( My Baby’s Baby) and of course Love & Kisses ( I’ve found Love…Now that I have Found You)

oh life was so good then with just great music and friends!

Now as one of my 3 son’s Stephen turns 16 I am first of all so very thankful that I am here in this lifetime to celebrate it with him.

But in this day and age it is so different than mine, his interests are video games, Yu-gi-oh cards and Japanese Anime!

Such a huge difference, but he excels in one area that I wish I had and maybe I’d be rich today lol and that is his Academics!

Has been on the Honor Roll since 6th grade and continues to be has perfect attendance (I would cut class every now and then lol)  was just named Student of the Month (out of about 500 kids) for January 2012 in his Freshman year of HS! This was a huge honor to both I and the school staff.

He aspires to become a successful investor in the Real Estate and Stock markets, and contemplating on being a Risk Taker aka an Entrepreneur, (Sounds like his mom)

So today on his 16th birthday he is home with his family playing his card game and we look forward to another 16 + years of happiness, health and wealth, hopefully he can buy his mama a house one day 🙂

One thing though I do not like about this kid of mine is that he HATES being photographed! I from day one photographed all my 4 kids every single day, that may just have something to do with it 🙂 So the images that follow were taken as he did whatever he was doing and I tried to make it seem not obvious, but he soon caught on to me LOL  and my devious deed!

Finally he SMILES for me!




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