My day out + Being Kissed

Today I spent most of my day with my beautiful daughter at her place, she moved on her own in Dec 2011. As bittersweet as it was in the first few weeks, now it’s a blessing.

A blessing that she and her love are doing well and I am so very proud of them!

So Moe and I went over and made dinner, she had company, her friend and one of my clients baby Demi, well Demi is not a baby anymore!

She is almost 3 years now, how time flies I remember shooting her newborn and 1 year sessions like it was yesterday, you can see her here, second from top.

Anyway we had a great time together, I also managed to catch some shots of Demi, although she is not as fund of the camera as she once was lol

And also I grabbed some shots of my first KISS, my first Kiss wedding book that is! I absolutely love this company I don’t know why I waited so long to use them.

Now I know I will always use them, I actually just placed my second order for another client.

That was it for today a very special time with my daughter and being KISSED, what else can I ask for?

Here are those shots of Demi and the Kiss Book all shot with the Canon 50D and the Lensbaby Composer


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