Self Portrait Project 2012

Today I took a self portrait which i randomly do once in a while. Today though was different because I’ve decided to make this a daily quest. The reason being I feel that seeing myself the way others do will help me to accomplish some personal goals I have set out for this new year.

So I hope you all don’t get bored of seeing my ports I will try and make them as exciting as I can!

Also I want others to join me in my quest so if you think you can do this very difficult task, because lets be real it’s hard for us to take our own pics, for whatever reasons we may have, then please send me your images so I can post on here or if you have a blog leave me a link to it! you can use your phone, Instagram app whatever as long as it makes you happy!

At the end of this journey what I want to accomplish for me is a state of personal well being, unconditional self love and an amazing renewed love for life!

I also gotta give kudos to Ms.Liz Dialto for guiding me in the right direction in order to have the guts to do this 🙂
My personal trainer Dan Capilla he sees right through me and can see that this time it’s different!
My daughter Graciela whom I am so proud of I thank you for being my inspiration, Love ya!

Sorry for any iPhone typos I did double check but ya never know lol

Ok well that’s it for today and here is my first image


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