A celebration of hope

In May of 2010 I took it upon myself to give back as an artist and a mother to a child suffering from Leukemia since August 2008

Name: Danny

Age: now 6

Date: Nov 3rd Day of celebration!

I remember when his grandmother told me that I and the families who participated raised enough monies for a medical treatment for Danny! I cried!

Please read the most recent journal entry by his mother at his Caringbridge site this says it all

Congratulations to Danny and his family!

May this be the beginning of a life full of health and happiness for this entire family!

God Bless, and let us all count our blessings

Please leave your comments I am sure Danny will love to read them 🙂



Danny, on left, with younger brother Nicky during their photo session in 2010

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4 thoughts on “A celebration of hope

  1. I still love this picture so much. It was my favorite and is still hanging in my bedroom. It’s amazing how much both boys have changed since then.

  2. I had heard this wonderful news about Danny and hope he continues to stay well. As you know, leukemia is a disease I dislike intensely as it affected my own family many years ago.

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