The Gift

The D Family took a chance on me back in 2007. I then was just a year into my photo biz and learning all the ropes with these new digital cameras.

I remember the phone call, a quirky but feminine voice asking for coverage of her son’s first birthday party. She googled Photographers in Manahawkin and found me. I believe the D Family was my second paying client. I was so nervous i would get ahead of myself and think as she was talking, how am I gonna answer her questions? What if she asks something I don’t have an answer for? Omg what mess am I in? All this while the other part of my brain was concentrating on her voice.

The one question I did hear was if I had done many birthdays, what do I say? I said the truth that this would be my first professional (meaning paid) event coverage. Aside from taking pictures in my own families events that was it. So I totally expected her to say something like thanks for your time and I will call if I decide to do this. But what she said was, “your hired” Gave me the details of her son’s DJ’s birthday party and the rest is history.

Five years later and I have been the exclusive photographer for DJ’s birthdays, their family holiday ports and now we are welcoming a little brother for DJ! We are all so excited!

So being the generous (and if you know me you know I can be very generous) person that I am šŸ™‚ last week I came across a catalog with gorgeous Spa Baskets I thought this is perfect for Mrs.D just before baby J arrows she can use a Lavender spa relaxation escape!

It arrived today, I could not get to the phone, I listened to her VM and she could not be more grateful, as she spoke through her tears, for the special gift I sent. Added how much she loved me and was just in awe and was literally speechless.

I returned her call immediately she answered I asked “are you done crying now”? Lol
Then I ended up teary eyed too.

Baby J arrives in just a couple of weeks so look out for their holiday portrait session blogged.

What a special place all my families hold in my heart šŸ™‚

I thank you all for taking a chance.

(Sorry if any typos blogged from the iPhone)

One thought on “The Gift

  1. Such a touching story. I didn’t realize it’s been that long that you have been a photographer – it doesn’t seem like it. Time goes too quickly!

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