Fall & Canon 60mm Macro

What I found on my evening walk, in which I should have worn gloves! It was cold, but I managed to capture the feeling. I also rented the Canon 60mm Macro which these were all taken with and I don’t know why i ever hesitated trying it out, OH maybe cause I would find out I LOVED it 🙂  Using again this coming week on a winter beach session with the lovely Ms. Kat she will be all covered up this time lol but still oh so sexy! Stay tuned!

For now enjoy the fall scenery & some randomness thanks!

 Then I just played with that macro with other subjects

I love me some colored sprinkles on my ice cream!

OH Yea!! That sensation!

Love this lens!

What else can I say, and to know it cost way less that 1K is a good thing!

Remember stay tuned for Ms. Kat later in the week, Ciao!

Tech Info: Canon 50D paired with Canon 60F2.8 Macro

Taken just before sunset,M Mode, MCP LR3 Presets in Post

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4 thoughts on “Fall & Canon 60mm Macro

  1. Cool! Fun to see some work with something besides the ol’ 100mm. The 4th photo down is my favorite – beautiful! Thanks for sharing! (Found you via the MCP facebook page)

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