Little Man Ethan turns 2

You may remember little Ethan from last year in Barnegat Light when we had our first session.  He was turning 1 then and oh such a calm little boy.

Now, 1 year later and he is entering his 2nd year and he is so freaking adorable! He is talking, running like a typical 2-year-old!

Mom and dad say he helps out around the house too, gee guys can I borrow him? Lol

Seriously, this family is totally amazing, I thank them again for calling upon me to capture their special moments, moments that only last the time it takes for the shutter to close.

This first image is of Ethan @ 1 October 2010

in Barnegat Light


October 2011 Ethan @ 2

Location: Argos Farm & Equestrian Center Lacey Township NJ

Camera Tech: Canon 1Ds MKII paired with the 24-70F2.8 lens

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3 thoughts on “Little Man Ethan turns 2

  1. Thank you for capturing our family once again. You turn our images into art ! Thanks to your craft, we will cherish these moments for years to come.

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