Baby Isabella… Featuring mom & dad

So I met yet another beautiful family this past weekend, we gathered at Barnegat Light, NJ home of ‘OL Barney the Lighthouse. As we began our shoot we once again had a bit of an encounter with, this time not flies but, mosquitoes! I am not a bug person, so now I knew I had to work fast! This poor mom was being bitten, as I was shooting, I was swatting away the ones that approached baby Isabella UGH!!Mom and dad held their composure and the shoot lasted all but 30 mins literally!

We got the best shots because baby Isabella was the best 10 months old to work with, she sat and looked my way as soon as I called her name and there was the shot!

Enjoy the following images of this beautiful family.

I hope you all checked out Isabella’s pedi lol

Today I used the Canon 50D paired with the Canon 17-40F4 lens

I was gonna use the 1Ds MKII with the 85F1.8 as well, but the skeeters did not allow to stay any longer

Natural light location shaded by ‘Ol Barney

Isabella’s Tutu by “Me” and styling also by “Me”

A wedding was lurking in the background as I waited for Isabella

and a Fisherman

Thanks for stopping by!

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