Alycia & Mom

Baby Alycia has been photographed by me since she was a newborn, then again at 6 months and now at 19 months! I must say she is a stormy whirlwind at this age! Whew!! She had me and mom all over the place. Now she also has become aware of the camera and does not seem to like it when in her face LOL I had to dodge her throwing sand, I had to sneak behind her to “catch” a shot, cause as soon as she saw me coming she would do anything to avoid the camera it was so funny the way she would just twirl her head in the other direction.

Well this time around mom really wanted some special shots of the 2 of them and that is what I set out to do

Please enjoy the images of Alycia & Mom, but first a couple from her previous shoots

Newborn Alycia

 below @ 6 months

And below Alycia @ 19 months

Tutu by Dallas Roe of Miss Priss Tutus

Tech info

Canon 1Ds MKII paired with the Canon 24-70 F2.8

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