Cassandra & Ray’s E-Session

I don’t even know where to begin, but here goes! When I awoke this morning it was just overcast skies, and it seemed like a great day for my couple’s E-Session at the New York Botanical Garden, as planned since May 15th. My Mantra, I Dislike – Planning.  I rather go with the flow and just do things on a spur of the moment, but sometimes it cannot be so.

So as me and my second half headed on to the Garden State Parkway North the rains got heavier and heavier, light rain would have been just fine but the travel became dangerous and who wants to endure that, plus then arrive at the garden and get soaked while trying to shoot? Hair & make up would have all been disastrous if in the torrential downpour .

So we opted to stay local we turned back after a few exits on the Parkway and as we headed back the rain was lighter, so light that by around 2pm as we arrived at our destination it totally stopped! I was so glad to see some light coming through the darkness, I now could take a sigh of relief and so did my couple.

Needless to say we did it, and here are the results of this crazy day!

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The following is Cassandra’s own version of how her and Ray came to be.

 Ray and I met in May of 2008 through I was at the tail end of my LPN school year and also the end a three-year relationship four months prior. I messaged Ray after having a few unsuccessful dates with other men. We made a date to go to a movie and catch a bite to eat in Toms River, we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and went to Cool Beans for coffee. Following the date we went our separate ways and made plans to see each other soon. The date was May 16th and five days later after our first date and a few other times together, Ray asked me to be his girlfriend.

There was an instant connection between us. I was very smitten with his looks and his personality. He came to my LPN graduation and has supported me through all my accomplishments ever since. Ray and I are perfect for each other because we balance each other, there is no other man in this world I could see myself with. He makes me laugh when I wanna cry and smile when I’m mad.

Though I had a very rough life with my own family, Ray gave me a new family. he gave me hope that I could be loved for who I am. He has opened my eyes to new beginnings and adventures. He says that I have given him the strength to know that someone truly cares about him. He knows that I would do anything for him and never let him down. We may have complete opposite personalities but we ground each other. He makes me want to strive for my dreams and I push him to be the best man and human being he can be.

I am happy to be marrying such a loving and thoughtful man on October  2011.

Wow, I loved that movie too! Cassandra, Ray you deserve all the happiness in the world!

Can’t wait for your wedding in Historic Freehold, NJ!

10 thoughts on “Cassandra & Ray’s E-Session

  1. I cant believe I wrote those words, re-reading it brought tears to my eyes.
    I had such a great experience being in love taking these romantic pictures.
    I can only imagine what pictures will come the day of my wedding.
    Thank you Adita and cant wait for the big day!

  2. I am proud to call Cassandra my daughter in law. Ray and Cassandra are going to spend a long life together forever..
    I love both of you forever

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