A Fresh Face…

For my port, introducing Miss. Cassie Amber, a very sexy, beautiful young lady who I had the pleasure of working with tonight, and hope to engage with again in other projects in the near future.

Scenario: Low light shooting with video light on the beach and a gorgeous model in front of my lens.

Thank you Cassie for meeting up with me, we will do it again real soon 🙂

To everyone else, please enjoy Cassie’s images, thanks!

Tech Info: Canon 1Ds MKII

Canon 70-200 F2.8L IS lens

a video light, a beautiful model and my assistant Moses

most shot at F3.2  with Shutter 1/30 -1/60 handheld ISO 1000 in M Mode with IS on Mode 2 the lens did fish around for focus in a few instances

Please note I am casting for fresh new faces ages 18-40 male and female contact me for further details


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One thought on “A Fresh Face…

  1. Nice work..ar you know I have worked alot with Cassie you could say she is my muse! I would love to get together with you on some upcoming projects hopefully we can work together on some.
    Feel free to get in touch with me at John Tyler (Red Bank) on Face Book , http://www.johntylerphotography.com or just a simple phone call 732-768-6432

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