The “M” Family @ Belmar

Follow up to a previous post

Wow, what a fun-filled afternoon I had with this family!

We had to up the time to try to beat the rain that had been forecast for late afternoon, so instead of a 6pm shoot we opted for a 4pm shoot. The sun was beautifully diffused the way I love it! There were a few more beach-goers on the sand then I normally encounter, hence my after 5 scheduling. We did find a spot, the tide was rising, the waves were crashing, it was perfect! My family quickly followed direction and we got more than our share of fun and laughter throughout the shoot.

The only challenge I faced was the ever independent Master “C” at 16 months he governs the beach with such enthusiasm, I am not used to seeing in babies this young. Grandma joined in as a bystander and she did mention little Master “C” goes frequently to the beach so he absolutely loves it! He kept us all on our feet, well I figure someone had to lol

Now the young ladies, Miss “C” and Miss “D” what a set of divas they are! Loved their outgoing personality, their stylish looks and amazing smiles!

Mom and Dad, a very loving couple, and honestly I saw them as teenagers in love through my lens, for one instant I could sense them as young and in a carefree kinda love.

This is a family with big love in their hearts!

*I thank you Mrs.M for allowing me to capturethese special moments with your beautiful family *

Mom with her girls

Mom and her boy

Shhhh...don't tell anyone

Finally, some alone time

Fun, fun, fun, daddy and Master "C"

Today I used both the Canon 50D for the  close up group shots paired with the Canon 17-40 F4

Also the Canon 1Ds MKII paired with the Canon 100 F2.8L Macro for the portrait and candid shots

All naturally diffused light provided by Mother Nature

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