Ms. Verta in Hoboken

Follow up to previous post

here she is, the lovely Verta!

Verta has an intoxicating laughter and gorgeous smile as you can see, she is a momtographer and always behind the lens capturing her beautiful kids,

(sounds familiar lol)

so when her new job called for a photo of her to insert in their website, she realized she had nothing recent. She then called me and these are the results.

 We had such a blast during our shoot!

we are looking forward to another before the year’s end, and it may be a very sexy one!

Thanks Verta for having me capture your true, amazing self .


oh and remember the workshop with Christa Meola?

Verta is friends with the family that I photographed that day and that is how she found me.

*For Photographers*

Tech Info: 1 photographer, 1 assistant, one client

Canon 1Ds MKII

paired with the Canon 85F1.8 lens

all natural light & reflector with a few raindrops in between 🙂

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