Trip to my favorite town in NJ

Today I am taking another trip up to North Jersey to my favorite town where I lived during kindergarten thru 4th grade, that town is Hoboken.

There is something about the 14 square blocks that make up this quint little town, it’s atmosphere happy and upbeat, the streets are always bustling with activity, but not so much as NYC, just enough to keep your mind and senses alive.

The eateries along the main avenue, Washington St. are inviting with their specialties of Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisines.

The brownstones always caught my attention. As a young child the sidewalks filled with rows of brownstones was amazing to see all lined up perfectly, I thought it was so cool!

I recall going to the Italian festivals,the street fairs, the concerts in the park that mom would take me to on Wednesday nights in the summer. I have so many good memories in this town. My cousins that are unfortunately estranged now, I used to visit on 14th street and I had such good times with them, 2 of my cousins and I actually had our daughters just 1 months apart from each other.

So I will be spending some time here today for two on location photo sessions. A couples love session with Miss Dina & Andres by the waterfront and corporate head shots of Ms. Verta on the city streets. Verta came to me after viewing my work from Christa Meola’s workshop and her friend Krista ‘Njapa’s images I took that day of her and her family.

In closing I wanna say that one day I know I will be returning to Hoboken…for keeps!

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