Linda Michelle’s family beach session on LBI

Client and I agreed to meet in one of the loveliest beaches on Long Beach Island, NJ beautiful, golden sand, gorgeous waves swooshing in and out. The warm sand calls to you to maybe lay down, relax or just sit and stare out into the blue endless sea and reminisce of long ago days, of fun in the sun.

Linda and her beautiful family met me on this beach in the small Island of Harvey Cedars, upon arriving we were welcomed by a few dragonflies, i remember Linda asking if they bit, I did not think so, I now know they feed on mosquitoes. As the session progressed we realized now there were flies all around, my 40 inch reflector was a quarter of its size filled with them, literally! Then they went on to go on us the kids everyone! It became very difficult to shoot, although my family was still smiling for the camera, even as Linda spoke saying” they are going inside my pants now” she still had a smile on her face! Dad was really upset at the situation I could tell lol so we agreed to move on to the bay where a gorgeous little gazebo awaited just before sunset and here we continued and ended our amazing session!

This family session was a very special one, dad has to leave for a few months on a mission and it meant so much to Linda to capture great loving moments with dad and the kids 🙂 I think I accomplished this as Linda has ordered all the images to display on the walls of her new home!

Oh how I love my families! They always make me feel like I saved the day in some sort of way and that is a good thing!

First I am sharing a picture of Gianna the eldest when I captured her at age 1 in 2009 she is now 3 and brother Braiden is the new arrival


Gianna above age 1 2009

Dad, Gianna & baby Braiden

What a beautiful family!

Squishy sibling love 🙂

His princess for sure

Mommie’s little man

Daddy’s boy

Then we documented mom and dad’s love

And as the sun set beautifully, our session came to an end.

Thanks to Linda and her family for reaching out to me again to capture her families memories!

Tech info:  shot mostly with the Canon 50D paired with the 17-40F4

&Canon 1DsMKII paired with the 85F1.8

All natural light diffused with Westcott 40 inch reflector/diffuser

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5 thoughts on “Linda Michelle’s family beach session on LBI

  1. What beautiful work that is my sister and my niece and nephew. Hope we can get together and do a session of my sister and i and then some of me and her with the kids!

  2. lOveee all the picturess thank you so much you are the bestt!!! cant wait to put them all over my Housee =)

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