Shrimp & Linguine

Once again I made such a delish dish that I want to post recipe for anyone who enjoys a seafood meal.

This recipe serves 8-10

*2 lbs uncooked cleaned deveined shrimp
*16 oz of tomato sauce
*1Lb linguine
*1/4 cup EVOO
*1med green pepper
*1med onion
*6-8 garlic cloves (I love garlic and it’s good for you!)
* a good size dash (about 1 tablespoon) of dried parsley,dried basil but 1 teaspoon of the black crushed pepper
*1/4 cup of Romano cheese slivers
*1/2 -1cup of Baby Spinach

* Cook linguine to taste cover so not to let dry out while you are preparing the shrimp.

*In large saucepan add EVOO on low heat cover and start cutting up green pepper,onion and garlic chop finely in food processor

*Next add to the pan let simmer for about 6-8 min

*Next add the tomato sauce stir
*add the spices stir
*add the shrimp stir

*Let cook till shrimp is pink

*Add the Linguine stir

*Add the cheese slivers and Spinach cover simmer on low -med heat for about 5 min just enough to melt the cheese a little

*Serve sprinkle Parmesan if desired

That’s it!
Hope you try it in your home!

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