A NYC Wedding

Ever so thankful to Neil Albuja for having me second shoot on the beautiful wedding day of Shushana & Benjamin.

Shushana, ever so calm on this amazing day, I was more nervous than her!  Engaged in June, yes June 2010 and already a loving married couple. She said it goes to show that you don’t always need a year to plan a beautiful, memorable day when love is the driving factor.

Benjamin, quiet and serene but ever so playful when around his lovely bride.

This adventure took us through New York City’s 5th Ave’s beautiful surroundings such as:

Central Park, The Plaza Hotel and Harmonie Club for the ceremony and reception.

Happy Days to Shushana & Ben!

What a great job Vanessa Ungaro did with hair & makeup

Hair & Make up @ Tricomi Salon Plaza Hotel
Hair & Make up
Final Touch
A stunning young lady for sure

These were amazingly high! And I loved the color
Fit for a Princess
Have you ever seen such a sight? Shushana helping “iron” out the last wrinkles
Ready for her day
Mom and Shu before the meeting with Ben
The meeting with Ben
Their frst look!
Awww so sweet
One last pose before venturing into the city streets
And now on to Central Park

Lots of fun at the reception!!
A toast by her brother, may all the happiness in the world be yours Shushana & Ben!

And that puts an end to the evening, thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to leave some *love*

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