Monday, Monday…

A cloudy but fine day at the Jersey Shore,some of us are back at work and most of our kids are home from school,mine included.

What to do with these kids over the summer is a question I’d like to ask you today. My Moe 13, has a great family that we consider his second, right now he is spending 3 days with them. His agenda is for today a visit to the Bronx zoo and they will be staying in some nice luxury hotel in the City! So happy for him, I’m so glad he has this family to do things with and just plain be a kid.
I did not have this as a child,my mom worked and as an only child there was no one around to take me places such as the zoo. This may be why I do all these things now as an adult πŸ™‚

So what are your kids doing this summer? Will they be seeing new places or spending time with loved ones that are dear but far and the summer months are the only time they would see each other?

Well whatever it is I hope it’s something they will remember and cherish as they grow πŸ™‚

Now on another note I wanna update you all on my weight loss efforts. I must say it is going grand! I am so happy and excited to have to wear a belt with my dress pants, and on the 3rd hole opening of belt!! Exciting!

I have lost 10 pounds so far and quite a few inches since Mothers Day.
I am incorporating weight training legs, arms, chest, back, obliques, up to 60lbs and 1 set of 12 reps each and then cardio, 30 min. on elliptical, 10 on staioonary bike,10 on treadmill and boy I feel great afterwards! My skin glows and I feel alive!

This time around it’s a little diff I used to lose way more each week such as 4-5 pds now I lose 1.5-2 and I see and feel better results!

Well, best of luck to all who are in this weight loss expedition, remember it’s a way of life not a temporary solution, I hope I have inspired just one of you who are struggling to make the commitment to live better, happier and more confident of yourselves, I know this is how I am feeling at this point!



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