Ms. Jeannie & Miss Kelly…

Go back in time in Belmar NJ

Jeannie came as a referral from Madame Willow she so loved her Boudoir shoot, that she decided to, as a birthday gift to her soon to be 5 year old daughter Kelly, have a fun-filled photo shoot with a 40th/goth feel to it. I was more than willing to oblige.

So this past Saturday May 28th we had the best time at Jeannie’s house. Getting both ladies make up and hair done in the theme of choice , friend Paul was there to cheer on as the ladies came alive with the new styles!

So without further delay here are just a sample of the days highlights.


Make up all done!

A very windy but cool and fun time at the beach in Belmar

A tender moment between two best friends, as well as mother & daughter


I saw a great relation between these two, may it lead throughout both your lives.

Love this one!

10 thoughts on “Ms. Jeannie & Miss Kelly…

  1. Great processing. I really like the old feel to this set. Very appropriate.
    But here are a few buts. On pictures 3,4,5 and 6 you got very ugly banding happening in the sky. The banding is not visible in picture 2. Try processing these in 16bit colour not 8bit. That should fix the banding problem. In the last 2 pictures your logo covers the subject of the picture. This is very distracting.
    Other than that, great shots!

    • Thank you Mac!
      About the sky it seems to be on the web sized ones not the HI Res , its happened before too it may be the Preset idk
      I have tried to import from LR to PS in the 16bit and it only allowed in the 8bit but regardless I edited these with Preset from LR while in the RAW state then imported to PS in the 8bit then resized for Web
      and the Logo yes it is a bit large, but i like it no copying worries lol

      • Strange that LR to PS won’t go at 16bit. All my editing is done in 16bit both from LR to PS and back again. Maybe the LR preset changes to photo to 8bit, which is another strange thing. It seems thought I’m the only one that it bothers…. so I guess I’ll just shut up now 🙂
        As for the logo, I don’t agree with you, but again it’s only me 🙂

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