Happy Memorial Day 2011

Well here we are at the start of yet another summer in our lives, we made it even though we had the possibility of the world ending not so long ago 🙂 Even as I write this now it is assumed to be on October something lol Well if i get to wake up everyday then that’s a good thing, and even if I do not I won’t know it so that’s a good thing too. Also my youngest son turned 13 this weekend! Happy birthday to Moe!

Anyway I haven’t posted in a while due to being so busy with life as I know it, I joined the gym found no other alternative, since I hate the summer heat for exercising this was my choice. So I get up at 4:30AM and at the gym by 5AM 3 days a week and the rest I take an evening class if time allows, it’s been 2 weeks now and I have lost about 5 pounds. The idea here at my time in this life is not even the pounds but feeling better overall, and I am accomplishing that. I have slept soundly, I have not dozed off while driving home from work at 5PM this is a huge plus! My self-image has improved, my whole outlook is brighter! I have been trying to get the kids to eat a little differently, but not there yet 😦 I have as some of you know been having my salads at work along with lots of yogurt and fresh fruits, cutting down during the work week that lunch trap of the fast food places! It is so easy because we feel it’s so hard to prepare meals from home, at least I thought so, but now I find the time to do this and it keeps me going all day eating every 2 hours healthily.

So on with business right? Right!

I have a few postings coming up which include the Kanvas Kings promo shoot for a young up and coming designer Christian Moore. He designs T-Shirts and he asked me to help him promote them, so I did! I put out a casting call for 16-24 year old’s a few weeks ago and I got a good turnout, 2 were unable to attend but the show must go on!

Below are a few of the shots taken at Seaside Park, NJ on a very bright sunny day at the Jersey Shore.

Special thanks to the following crew, who without them this shoot would not have been possible

Designer Christian Moore of Kanvas Kings

The updo Guru Elizabeth Lang

Life is better with Lipgloss Karen Buttacavole

My Assistants Andrea & Allison

And Kathleen the mom of one of the models who lent her home so welcoming to make the models look amazing!


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6 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day 2011

  1. Keep up the good work with the gym and eating healthy. I didn’t know it was Moe’s birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday, Moe – you’re a teenager now!!

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