Brunch @ The Gables

Beach Haven, NJ the beautiful Island that NJ has to offer is located off exit 63 on the Garden State Parkway. This little piece of heaven is a quint, family friendly resort island, with the mainland being just minutes away and all amenities available at a short drive. I had the pleasure of having a lovely brunch provided by my Dr. of Chiropractic Nicole Bonner. She is such a great speaker and this time it was about ladies issues and how natural foods, and the will within us to make the changes will provide a lifetime of health, happiness and well-being for us all.

Below I am showcasing just pieces of the brunch, Krista my hairstylist for my shoots accompanied me and I so enjoyed her company. I hope she took home with her some new knowledge as she is still young enough to incorporate these in her lifestyle 🙂 to last her a lifetime. I am going to set up an appointment with Dr. Nicole for a nutritional analysis and see where it takes me.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Garden @ The Gables suitable for a lovely Spring/Summer wedding

Ms. Krista always colorful outside and in!

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6 thoughts on “Brunch @ The Gables

  1. great shots as usual, adita. love the spiral staircase. does that lead to a roof? what is up there? great pic of Ms. Krista.

  2. It was very pretty and u know today when I did my clients I had a lot of healthy information for them today about what I learned its funny how that happens but thanks again I had fun like always can’t wait for my brothers wedding! I have a question for u too

    Ps thanks barb n kim xoxo

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