Felines @ SOCAF take two

Seal Point Siamese 012

The Southern Ocean County Animal Facility Located in Manahawkin, NJ has had more felines calling the facility home since I last visited a little over a week ago. Some have been surrendered others are strays. As I arrived there was a woman who had a cage and there was a cat inside it,meowing very loudly I immediately knew she was surrendering it, just by the teary eyed look on her face I knew. She then finished her paperwork and left the facility. I saw her from a window in the cat room as she walked to her car and she was totally heartbroken crying hysterically now, not just teary eyed, it broke my heart. I remembered when I was 10 and we took our cat to get neutered at the vet and something went wrong overnight and he passed I was so heartbroken then, and this brought me back to that time. I am sure she had a very good reason to give up a love that is so unconditional.

Today I also filled out some paperwork and I am now officially a volunteer to come in and photograph the felines every week or so I am very excited for this new venture!  The cats today were absolutely adorable, playful, sweet and loveable, there is one that was so photogenic that I took a series of images you will see which one it is he has the most images 🙂

If anyone is interested in any of these beautiful felines please call 609-978-0127 and mention you saw them on my blog and refer to the image # on top of each image you MUST click on one image below to go to the page with all the full size images and their #

Thank you and Enjoy!

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