Felines @SOCAF

So today I decided to take some pics of the cats at the local shelter, I used the Lensbaby Composer for some creativity.

These are all such good cats, all waiting to go to a good home!

Southern Ocean County Animal Facility (SOCAF) Located in Manahawkin NJ

If interested in adopting any of these “cool” cats, please let me know.

click on the link below


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2 thoughts on “Felines @SOCAF

  1. omg so cute. love cats. when we left toms river house my son took my 2 cats. living in the retirement village they have rules. no outdoor cats. unfortunaltely, mommy cat got sick so we put her down. ant and ashly are still keeping baby cat. 2 years ago on a cold novembr night, a cat came into their house, so friendly, skinny. we took her in. she is our “mittens” a great cat. cats are such good pets……..

    • They sure are I had a few when I was little, then after many yrs found out I was allergic today I had to take an Allegra to make it thru. LOL Thanks Barb!

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