The Orchid Show

The Orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden, a show that I have been capturing for the last 3 yrs maybe 4 was once again ready to wow it’s audience this past weekend on opening day.

This is my favorite of the shows that the Garden exhibits on a yearly basis, these flowers are all so unique yet the same in many ways.

As you will see in the following album link the colors, the makings, are just some of the characteristics of the Orchid.

I do wish you can get out to the Garden and experience this show, you will come back year after year, I promise you.

Please click on my shutterfly share site link to view the album then click on album then on slide show (right above the album title) Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “The Orchid Show

  1. These orchids are absolutely beautiful! Another example of God’s handiwork. The shots are perfect, as usual!

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