A return to Boudoir

As many of you may remember back in 2010 I was on a quest to begin my boudoir photography venture, I posted casting calls for a model for a free session and along came Jazmin, after many months of searching in November we collaborated and our venture came together perfectly.  Along side Susan, video taping the whole event, I was very happy with the results from my first boudoir session

Now this coming Monday Jazmin comes back to me, as a client this time, for a very unique session titled:

Love & Desire: A Couple’s Boudoir

She so loved her images she could not wait for her next session. We had so much fun! It was such a learning experience for both, her having become so comfortable with her body and me learning to shoot  the beautiful body of a woman.

Come Monday I will be even more challenged as I will be shooting her and her beloved Dave, I am prepared, as I have read the new book by Ms. Christa Meola, Defining Boudoir. An excellent read on a subject that I hope to master and will someday specialize in, I love the whole experience of shooting boudoir!

Stay tuned for images coming in the middle part of the week,






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8 thoughts on “A return to Boudoir

  1. On my behalf, I’d like to thank Adita for bringing me as her main model for the Boudoir and once again as her client! Such great experience with both Boudoir Photo Shoots!!!
    My boyfriend Dave, Enjoyed every moment of it! & He’s willing to come back again!

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