Losing it…again update 1


Well I must say the week is going very smoothly. Monday was the hardest staying away from all the stuff that is so bad for us, but yet so good! I hope that made sense lol.

I am having cereal Pops to be precise half a cup w/ 2% milk which we always drink, then i am bringing good snacks to the office such as seedless red grapes, lowfat strawberry banana yogurt, my fave!

Lunch consisted of high protein, sardines straight from the can love them! Black bean soup, and lots of water throughout the day!

It’s a life change, that is why it is not a Diet, diets are temporary that’s why thwy do not work in the long run. It’s about looking at food as a way to remain alive and healthy for as long a period as possible. Knowing when to know that enough is enough.

Dinner is where i do my carbs rice,tuna,beans,eggs, etc

Exercise consists of quick walking 40 mins daily.
Love the fresh air!

So enough of blabber lol
I do weigh 3 lbs less today then i did last week!! Yay!!!

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