My First Boudoir

Model: Jazmin

Make up artist: Liz Martin

Location: North Tower Ocean view Room @ the  Tropicana Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City

Inspiration: Christa Meola

All natural light was used in this session, behind the scenes video link at end of post!

Well there you have it, my first Boudoir session

Comments are welcome!

Equip: Canon 50D  Canon 17-40F4 & Canon 85 F1.8 lens all natural lighting

Checkout the making of my boudoir session HERE

14 thoughts on “My First Boudoir

  1. Amazing work Adita. Words can’t express these image’s at the moment! It’s breath taking! I enjoyed working with you! These picture’s say a lot.

  2. Adita!
    It was very nice to meet you and also amazing to see your vision come alive! I love the chemistry we have together to come out with great results for this shoot! It was an honor to get some of my videography skills out again. Lol! Normally, I am a photographer or the graphic designer. Lol!

    I love your work! I hope to collaborate with you and Jazmin again!

    Susan Nhem

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