My Mom


Taken at the Castle Hill Rehabilitaion in Union City,NJ



She probably would not like this pic of her, but I think it totally shows her wisdom as well as her pain.

At 80 she sure has lived a great, long life!

Back in 1968 her last 2 yrs  in Havana were very rough once she decided to come to the USA for a better life for us.

She worked 25 yrs to spoil the hell out of her only child, me! I am so thankful for that, on her own she made sure I never wanted for anything.

She will be finally coming to a rehab for the next 2 weeks and then to my home for the duration of her life.

She can no longer care for herself as she once did. We are all ready and willing to cooperate with the many changes that are coming our way.

Thank you to all who have shown support in this time of need for myself and my family!

And most of all thank you to God for giving us nothing that we cannot bear while here on the borrowed time we have, till we meet in a much greater place!

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9 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Such a beautiful portrayal of your “mommy”. I know the feeling well of being an only child – I was also spoiled with a lot of love and care. I think you look like her – which is quite a compliment!

  2. Awwhhh, great picture and yes, she does look very wise and caring. I know it is hard for you, but you are taking care of her now like she always took care of you. You are a great daughter and should be proud of yourself.

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