The first thing I noticed about Caitlyn was how tall and naturally beautiful she is and I thought how she might be a great candidate for the modeling biz.

She probably thought who is this crazy woman as I handed her my card and I thought about how she might not call.

To my surprise she called!

She was very nervous at first, understandable as this was her first time having head shots done and working with me.

but she became more comfortable as the session progressed and we all, including my assistant Andrea, ended up having a blast!

Caitlyn is the sweetest young lady and I look forward to working with her again.

Thanks Caitlyn for allowing me to capture your natural beauty!

(A big thank you goes out to Andrea for her assistance with this session)

12 thoughts on “Caitlyn

  1. She turned out to be a great model once she overcame her initial nervousness. What a nice young lady. I didn’t actually see the 2 shots of her in the striped shirt (I was behing the “disc”lol) and they are great as well as the others. Thank you for mentioning me!

  2. Thank you everybody for the comments!! i couldn’t have overcome my nervousness without a photographer that made me feel comfortable!

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