DJ turns 4!

After a week long bout with the nastiest cold virus I have had in a long time since the flu in 1999, I can now sit here and blog about DJ’s birthday party on Sept 26 2010

First I want to say I feel about 80% better today, I even cleaned the house a bit. Secondly this is the first time I am able to blog since last Saturday, due to having

awoken on Sunday morning with a sore throat.  This was the day I had to shoot a kids birthday party! Not just any kid, my client of 4 years Master DJ!

So I most definitely had to do this I could not let this family down, they call me every year to document this event, see mom realizes one less worry on this day is a very good thing!

I so appreciate that they call me each and every year.

So I could not enjoy myself as I normally would since I was feeling under the weather, did not get too close to the kids for fear of passing it to them,

I hope none of them came down with my cold. The days to follow, this nasty bug just became worse and worse, I did have to cancel a shoot mid week with a new family.

Here is the slide show of just a handful of images from this day as DJ turned 4, first some past image links of DJ!


DJ AGE 1                     


DJ  AGE  3


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