Finally a new post!

I know I have been slacking, but there really hasn’t been much happening lately.

As the fall season arrives I do have lots of events and shoots lined up such as returning clients children’s bday parties, actor Head shots and the end of Danny Bacsik’s fundraiser mini marathon on Oct 10 in Seaside Park, so stay tuned for those!

For now please enjoy the flowers of summer and fall 2010!

I haven’t visited the New York Botanical Gardens most of the summer, it was way too hot and humid to walk the grounds!

So it was time to go back now that the weather has cooled and the garden’s still in bloom before the harsh winter months fall upon it,

you will see there are already signs of this on some, but there is just a different kind of beauty to these that I just love!

Here are just a few of the gems I encountered on my visit yesterday.


*Tell me which is your favorite and why.

The last of the roses in bloom at the Peggy Rockerfellar Rose Garden

The beauty of Fall 2010 is upon us

And an image of a birdhouse is always captured on these visits.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments!

Have a wonderful fall season 2010

the Holidays are right around the corner, so exciting!

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10 thoughts on “Finally a new post!

  1. Wonderful show. Love the 🙂 Favorites, are 1, and second last. First because it’s soft, and creamy, and lovely colors, and second last, because the flower looks like a burst of sunlight. It’s quite amazing.

  2. I love the 3rd one-of the white rose. It looks like a wedding greeting card! I also like the bird house-no reason-just like it! I mean, I enjoy all of your pics!

  3. very hot and humid here. like the 2nd pic, it looks like what we have here surrounding our villa. i am not a flower person, but is that a “hybisucs”? LOL just had to ask my master gardner the name of the flower that surrounds us. looks like it to me. many pretty flowers in the villa here, but don’t know what they are. Pick some limes, so i thought from a lime tree, but not………….john says it was an orange tree not ripe yet……..oh well, what do i know????????? took some pics of the flowers look for them next weekend. great shots adita……..they are all so pretty

  4. I have 2 favorites – the first is the very first picture of the orange rose, and the second is the second sunflower picture. Just beautiful!

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