Welcome to the World Baby Makayla

My first newborn shoot of 2010 and what a cutie pie she is!

Meet Baby Makayla 5 days new, such a sleepy baby, the perfect way to be for the shoot. A little smile from Makayla melted my heart πŸ™‚

And she slept the whole time!

Thank you Mom & Dad for allowing me to capture your beautiful little angel!

Tutu & headband by Tutu Posh Boutique

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Baby Makayla

  1. Adita, These pictures are extra special! I love all the props and backgrounds. Thank you for sharing Makayla’s precious moments with us. The shots all look so natural, great job!

  2. Adita, those pics are great… Thank you for allowing me to assist you with props…Alot sweat with even a sleeping baby… I agree that smile just melted all of us. As always Adita, you have what it takes to capture that moment and tell the story… Thats what makes a great photographer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great job. I especially like the one in the basket and of course the tutu shot with the flower – just adorable!

  4. @Mac Thank you for your kind words!

    @Kathleen what can I say you did great! I would have not done it without you, you rocked! especially when placing baby in that tiny basket! πŸ™‚

    @Andrea Thank you for the compliments and constant support!

  5. These pictures are AMAZING!!!! i love the props and poses. You did a wonderful job. I am looking forward to setting something up with you Adita.

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